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PicPick Professional Crack is a powerful screen capture and image editing tool for Windows. The software makes it easy to take fullscreen, section, active window, and scrolling screenshots. PicPick also provides extensive image annotation and editing capabilities like adding text, arrows, shapes, blurring sensitive regions, and more.

PicPick Professional Full version crack aims to be an all-in-one screenshot tool to create professional looking images for any purpose. Some key use cases are:

  • Creating tutorials, presentations, and support documents
  • Designing marketing materials and social media visuals
  • Capturing and reporting bugs and website issues
  • Gathering product feedback and comments
  • And much more!

The professional version includes advanced features like optical character recognition (OCR), GIF creation, screen recording, and auto-uploading to image hosting sites.

Key Features of PicPick Professional Crack

Robust Screen Capture Capabilities

PicPick Professional Free download offers several screen capture types to grab any part of your screen:

  • Fullscreen – Capture entire monitor views.
  • Active Window – Select any currently open window to screenshot.
  • Region – Click and drag to screenshot a custom area.
  • Scrolling – Automatically scroll and capture lengthy webpages.

Other handy options include auto-saving captures to a preferred location and copying screenshots to the clipboard.

Picpick Professional Crack

Extensive Image Annotation

Make your screenshots pop by annotating them with PicPick’s tools:

  • Text – Insert multi-colored text boxes anywhere on images. Resize and edit text easily.
  • Shapes – Add customizable shapes like arrows, lines, circles, rectangles, and more.
  • Highlighter – Draw attention to areas with transparent highlighting.
  • Blur – Pixelate sensitive or private regions on screenshots.
  • Crop – Cut images down to only what’s needed.

Measurement Tools

PicPick Professional Download free equips you with advanced image measurement capabilities:

  • Ruler – Calculate distances between any two points.
  • Protractor – Measure angles.
  • Crosshair – Pinpoint exact positions.
  • Pixel Ruler – Count pixels across an area.
  • Color Picker – Use the dropper to sample colors.
  • Magnifier – Zoom in on details.

Image Editing and Conversion

Optimize and convert screenshots with PicPick’s editing features:

  • Batch conversion – Resize, rename and convert multiple images at once.
  • Compression – Shrink files without compromising quality.
  • Watermarks – Overlay custom watermarks for copyright protection.
  • HEIC to JPG – Convert HEIC images from iPhone to more compatible JPG.

OCR Text Recognition

Extract text from screenshots using optical character recognition technology. This makes text selectable, searchable, and easily transferable. It’s great for capturing information from images and PDFs.

Screen Recording

Record video of your screen movement directly within Download free PicPick Professional. Edit recordings and export to MP4 or animated GIF. Useful for video tutorials.

Auto Cloud Uploading

Seamlessly save screenshots directly to the cloud with auto-uploading integrations for Imgur, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

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How to Use PicPick Professionally

The robust set of screen capture and editing tools in PicPick Professional Crack enable professional workflows across many industries and use cases:

Creating Tutorials

Annotate screenshots with arrows, text boxes, and shapes to illustrate a process step-by-step. Share mutable tutorials in Word, PDFs, blog posts, and more.

Bug Reporting

Take screenshots of bugs and user interface issues. Annotate to call out problems. Share with developers over collaboration platforms.

Feedback Collection

Capture comments and feedback from in-application user tests. Black out private data. Share collated images with product team.

Presentation Support

Insert screenshots into your presentation slides to demonstrate concepts, illustrate points, and portray visual data or flows.

Marketing Materials

Feature screenshots in blog posts, social posts, and ads to provide real examples and increase credibility.

The possibilities are endless! PicPick Professional Free download equips any professional to create attractive, informative screenshots for their needs.

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PicPick Subscription Options

PicPick Professional Crack offers a free version with basic screen capture and editing capabilities. Two paid versions are available to unlock the full professional feature set:

  • Premium: $35.88 per year (when purchased multi-year)
  • Advanced screen capture like scrolling pages
  • Image annotation
  • Measurement tools
  • OCR
  • Screen recording
  • Cloud uploading
  • Ultimate: $47.88 per year (when purchased multi-year)
  • Everything in Premium
  • Additional cloud uploading integrations
  • Batch image conversion
  • Remove watermark on exports
  • Dark mode
  • Auto-updates

PicPick also offers a lifetime deal which provides access to Premium forever for a one-time $59 payment. This is excellent value compared to paying the yearly subscription price.

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PicPick Alternatives

Some popular alternative screen capture tools include:

  • Snagit – Robust screen capture and video recording. More expensive but has advanced editing features.
  • Greenshot – Open source and free. Good for basic screenshots but less features.
  • Lightshot – Free and lightweight. Lacks annotation capabilities.

Overall, PicPick Professional Full version crack stands out for its combination of an extensive feature set and reasonable pricing. The interface is intuitive and simpler than Snagit. PicPick hits the sweet spot between lightweight apps lacking features and overly complex enterprise tools.

Verdict – Is PicPick Worth It?

For professionals who take a high volume of screenshots for tutorials, work documents, bug reporting, presentations, and more – PicPick Professional Crack is absolutely worth the investment. The automation, annotation capabilities, and integrations save hours of time and effort.

Compared to staggering costs of enterprise screenshot tools, Free download PicPick Professional Crack provides incredible value. For freelancers, solopreneurs, and small teams, the Premium or Ultimate editions are cost-effective solutions for leveling up visuals across marketing and workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PicPick have a free version?

Yes, PicPick has a free version with basic screen capture functionality but no advanced annotation, editing or OCR features.

What image formats does PicPick support?

PicPick supports JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and more. It can also export screenshots directly to PDF.

Can you record GIFs in PicPick?

Yes, PicPick’s screen recorder can export MP4 video or animated GIFs up to 5 minutes long.

Does PicPick reduce image quality?

No, PicPick uses lossless compression so image quality is maintained even when shrinking file sizes.

Is there a PicPick app for Mac?

Unfortunately PicPick is only available for Windows operating systems. It does not have a Mac app.

Picpick Professional Crack

Conclusion and Final Review

PicPick Professional Crack is an extremely versatile all-in-one screenshot tool for any Windows user. Whether you want to create quick snips or extensive annotated images for tutorials and documents, PicPick has the features you need.

The affordable Premium and Ultimate versions unlock advanced capabilities that can save professionals hours of headache. For anyone who heavily relies on screenshots for work and content creation, PicPick Professional Download free is an invaluable addition to your software toolkit.

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